About Conqueror NZ

The thing that defines Conqueror is its constant search for better products and better ways to make them. In its very short lifetime, Conqueror has already upgraded its manufacturing plant.


This is not because it was worn out or not working but simply because something better came along.

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Environmental Sustainability

New Zealand is a country that’s known for its breath-taking landscapes and incredible natural wonders. Unfortunately it isn’t exactly known for its perfect weather. Finding a balance between keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter is essential for any modern building. Insulated...

Polyisocyanurate, more commonly known as PIR, is a thermostatic plastic substance used as insulation for residential and commercial buildings. PIR insulation panels are great for New Zealand’s construction industry, but they haven’t always been good for the environment. At Conqueror Panels, we decided to change...